Our Products are made using Sheesham and Mango wood.

Natural wood may display small joints or knots that will add character to your piece without affecting its quality or performance.

Do not clean using abrasives, harsh, corrosive chemicals, or care products containing ammonia or silicone as these could damage finishes and surfaces.

Our wood ranges are sealed with lacquer, adding a protective layer, and can be cleaned using a mild soap, water and a soft undyed cloth as needed. Dry immediately to prevent marks from forming.

Decorative Wooden products with special finishes should be wiped with a feather duster or dry cloth.


Metal Collections including Enamelled ranges

Our Metal Collections are made with Brass, Aluminium, Iron, Copper and Steel. Our Products are cast, forged, moulded, sculpted, and finished in a variety of durable styles.

Different techniques are involved, such as Texture, embossing, welding and weaving which are done by Hand.

Metal surfaces should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dirt. Avoid excessive moisture. Wipe-up any water droplets immediately with a soft, dry cloth; remove dirt with a damp cloth. Dry immediately. Avoid using abrasives or harsh, corrosive chemicals as these could scratch or mark surfaces

Avoid letting water stand on surfaces.

Our Planters should not be used for planting directly. We recommend placing your favourite plant in a nursery pot with a tray underneath to hold excess water and to prevent water leakages. Place the nursery pot and drip tray inside the pot. Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.   


Stone and Ceramic

Stone/Marble or Ceramic pieces may display natural marks, joint lines, veining, or other features that will add character to your piece without affecting its quality or performance. Spot-clean using a damp cloth, mild soap, and water. Use a towel to dry.

Lamp Shades

Our Lamp shades are made of Cotton and Linen, can be printed or Plain. Use a clean, dry soft cloth to wipe the lamp shades. Avoid letting water stand on surfaces or Contact with sharp products.

Fire Pits

Metal is incredibly durable and holds up heat, but it requires a different method of cleaning.

  • Use hot, soapy water and a soft cloth to scrub the interior of the fire pit. 
  • Rinse the soap and water thoroughly and use a dry cloth to wipe the fire pit dry. 
  • Sitting water can cause a metal fire pit to rust, so make sure not to leave water sitting after rainfall or cleaning. 

To prevent accident and injury, keep pets and children away from all open flames. Never leave a burning fire unattended. Keep flammables away from burning fire pits. Keep the area surrounding your fire pit free of any tripping hazards. To avoid injury and burns, do not touch fire table or fire pit tray insert, grate, or gel fuel canister while in use. After use, allow at least 20 minutes for your fire pit or fire table to cool before handling.